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The Spirit Fund is a community engagement program with a focus on planting and growing deep roots in the Canadian arts, music, and culture communities​ through sponsorships, education, and other local initiatives.

The Spirit Fund evaluates all sponsorship applications carefully, and asks the following questions before making a decision: Does this sponsorship opportunity align with The Spirit Fund's core values and objectives? Will this provide value to the communities that we serve and enrich the lives of those that live within these communities? Will a sponsorship from The Spirit Fund make a meaningful impact to the cause/project?

If you've answered yes to these questions, we invite you to apply below.

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Please remember

The Spirit Fund's name and logo are the sole property of The Spirit Fund. The Spirit Fund does not permit the use of our logo for community initiatives unless we have provided written permission. All materials featuring the name (electronic or hard copy), or when our logo is used must be approved by Spirit Fund. Our team is pleased to discuss these details with you.

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